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The "You" analysis/rant that Nobody asked for (Spoiler Alert)

Ok, so here me out: Madre Linda translates to "Beautiful Mother" in Spanish; In seasons 2 and 3, the writers deleved deeper into Joe's past with his mother, and in season 3 we see Joe objectify Love in terms of her fitness as a mother, despite her biggest flaw being the same as his. Also, in keeping with the mother theme in season 3, Joe's second obsession is with his boss, Marienne, a single mother with a similar background to his. The average viewer,  like you and I,  knows that Joe has as much chance of a healthy relationship with her as a homosapien has of getting oxygen on planet Mars, however, as usual he is under the delusion that Marienne will be the best relationship yet, because this paramour is, unlike all the mothers and lovers he's known so far. Marienne is intellectual, appears to be centered, and possesses a trustworthy motherly devotion to her child (I like how the writers have Joe's character "date up"). Back to Madre Linda, I read an article post on the The Dipp that theorized that although Madre Linda is not a real place in California, the writers may have derived the name and concept from two real towns, Yorba Linda, and Sierra Madre; the blog explained that Yorba Linda is the wealthiest place to live in that region and Sierra Madre is the safest, (dont know if that is based in actual data, but we'll go with it). In season 3, as Joe wrestles with unsettled commitment to Love he also holds contempt for his new surroundings, (which is crazy to me, since he does nothing at all to earn a living to afford to live there, and he and Love constantly disrespect her mother, whose partial fortune sustains them, but I digress). Joe's contempt for Madre Linda is perhaps even more ironic than his disapproval of Love's impulsive and self-justified serial murderous behavior, as his residence within the town provides him the physical aspect of things he has been searching for since his mother left him at the group home; those things being safety and security. In much of the dialouge the concept of emotional and psychological safety or the lack thereof is discussed between Joe and Love and becomes the obviously unstable foundation of their toxic ass relationship. Granted, the social construct of Madre Linda is what you would expect of a typical mother and child relationship, whereas the child searches for the mother's approval. Love was able to eventually be accepted into the superficial folds of Madre Linda's "athleisure", and with a little nudging, so was Joe. The fact that the therapist missed all this, (even though, yes, they obviously never revealed that they were a murder duo), is irritating. To be fair however, the therapist does point out an attachment issue in one of the sessions. Yet, I mean, if you're going to put a therapist into the story this season (3), at least keep that part of the story consistent and realistic. It would have been interesting to see the therapist guide them a little more until either they truly saw that nothing would resolve the brokenness and obvious psychiatric developmental issues within them, or she realized they were actually talking about the murders they've committed, at which point she either turns them in or they kill her. (How's that for fan fiction!) Anyway, Joe and Love turning Madre Linda or "Beautiful Mother" upside down supports the nature over nurture theory; even though they have all that they needed from Madre Linda, he and Love were still unable to find "internal respite", and despite how much the two try (or in Love's case "tried") to blame their mothers or their surroundings [Madre Linda], at the end of it all, the internal issues they face are a manifestation of some misdeveloped biopsychosocial functioning

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