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Sometimes, Your Feelings Have to Get Hurt

When I first began my Christmas cookie baking tradition in 2020, I, like many novice bakers, was more eager than skilled. I knew how to build flavor profiles, thus the lemon coconut christmas trees, and chocolate mint candy canes, and how to bake a classic sugar cookie, however the decorations on some of my older creations, definitely would not have earned me a spot on Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network 😆. To be honest, my last creation still might not, but I take joy in knowing that I continued to practice my craft and not give up after "overhearing" my first harsh criticism from a colleague at work. I was "indirectly" told that the icing wasnt firm enough, and certain individuals hated soft cookie icing. I know you may be thinking to yourself, as you read that "the nerve!". I did too, honestly. I mean, after all, I didn't have to bring in free holiday treats to share with the team, and regardless of the imperfection, a little gratitute and politeness didnt cost anything in return 🤷🏾‍♀️. Additionally, I was already aware that the regular icing was not ideal for cookies and decorations, but I didn't realize it would be capital offense 😆, and ashamedly, I hadn't quite learned how to make the royal icing needed for cookies just yet. So, their comments felt like a gut punch. I had decided that even though I knew my presentation wasn't perfect, I had still produced a treat made with enough care and creativity to enjoy ❤️, for the holidays! So there you have the first two photos below 😉. The last two photos are this year's [2023] Christmas Cookie production. I also, learned over the years, proper cookie proportions as well, and have amassed quite a collection of Christmas cookie cutters, trying to find just the right size and shapes to also uphold structure during the baking process. I also, know that there are more improvements to be made for 2024's Christmas cookies as well!
However, the end result of 2023's Christmas cookies were not just beautifully and neatly prepared Christmas cookies, but as I mentioned earlier, for me it was also the joy in accomplishment, and knowing that I did not allow hurt feelings to get in my way of trying, and learning. [Here comes the lecture 😆]: Sometimes, we have to get our feelings hurt in order to fuel the inspiration needed to improve. Also, do not revel in constant praise and admiration, as there could be valuable learning opportunities or opportunities for growth and improvement that could be overlooked, especially if no one is bold enough to tell you the truth 👊🏾

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