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The "You" analysis/rant that Nobody asked for (Spoiler Alert)

Ok, so here me out: Madre Linda translates to "Beautiful Mother" in Spanish; In seasons 2 and 3, the writers deleved deeper into Joe's past with his mother, and in season 3 we see Joe objectify Love in terms of her fitness as a mother, despite her biggest flaw being the same as his. Also, in keeping with the mother theme in season 3, Joe's second obsession is with his boss, Marienne, a single mother with a similar background to his.  The average viewer,  like you and I,  knows that Joe has as much chance of a healthy relationship with her as a homosapien has of getting oxygen on planet Mars, however, as usual he is under the delusion that Marienne will be the best relationship yet, because this paramour is, unlike all the mothers and lovers he's known so far. Marienne is intellectual, appears to be centered, and possesses a trustworthy motherly devotion to her child (I like how the writers have Joe's character "date up"). Back to Madre Linda,  I read


Knowing how to walk away from a situation with a person, without villainizing them for not being what you expected, is a high level of relational maturity