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The Office

I recently completed my binge of  the comedy sitcom, The Office, on Netflix. I have to be honest, when the show was on air, I did not give it consideration, mainly because I was still in high school at the time, and had totally misunderstood the premise of the show. I remember thinking to my "uncultured teenage" self, "who would want to watch a show about a bunch of old folks working in an office, what could possibly be funny about that??". Needless to say, I watched a lot VH1 back in my high school days. I'm not sure if the show finally caught my attention because I, myself, am now the same age as the two characters of the main storyline, and have had my fair share of office work, or that I can now appreciate decent story writing, but after seeing it appear in my suggested titles category on my Netflix account I finally decided to have an open mind about the show. Well to be totally honest, I had previously binged The Mindy Project  as well, and was a bit curi