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It's Not You, It's Them

Photo by  Tima Miroshnichenko  from  Pexels I recall having had an interview for a particular position that I had been working toward for some time. Unfortunately, I was interviewing with a particular employer that did not know how to vet or interview prospective employees. I remember being asked a series of questions, which I'm sure they thought were a harmless exercise in testing my critical thinking skills, but instead I ended up feeling like I was ambushed with a pop quiz designed for me to fail, because I had the disadvantage of not having ever worked in the very specific capacity/position before. Needless to say, neither I or the interviewer walked away from that meeting feeling confident about one another. It seems as though that interviewer should have reviewed my resume more carefully and realized, "okay, she has done alot of work to get up to this position, but she still lacks the experience. Let me see how teachable she is". If he had ap