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Self care is difficult enough to accomplish and maintain, so the last thing you need to do is compare your self care to anyone else's 
Some days, it's not even worth checking the scale. You dont need that type of negativity 😄 Photo by  Ogo  from  Pexels

WAP: What About Priorities

 It appears that people are more concerned about a video that seems to glorify prostitution than they are about the actual women, girls, and boys in their communities that are trafficked into prostitution. 🤷🏾‍♀️                Image by Cottonbro On a serious side rant; I'm wondering, from a pop culture stand point, how people can be so disgusted with an a rtist (though, I reluctantly refer to her as such) for agreeing to perform her song to the direction of Collin Tilley's "WAP" video, but still hold reverence for songstress, Patti Labelle, who in 1974, along with a few other vocalists, actually sung a song about a prostitute in New Orleans ("Lady Marmalade", produced by Allen Toussaint), (and claimed to be clueless of the songs meaning afterward, ). I'm sure for the generation in which the song was released, it had to have been very controversial, however, generations later people seem to have for

In Sync

Not syncing your work email to your  phone or other personal device is a necessary work boundary  Image by Dominika Roseclay