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Sometimes, Your Feelings Have to Get Hurt

When I first began my Christmas cookie baking tradition in 2020, I, like many novice bakers, was more eager than skilled. I knew how to build flavor profiles, thus the lemon coconut christmas trees, and chocolate mint candy canes, and how to bake a classic sugar cookie, however the decorations on some of my older creations, definitely would not have earned me a spot on Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network 😆. To be honest, my last creation still might not, but I take joy in knowing that I continued to practice my craft and not give up after "overhearing" my first harsh criticism from a colleague at work. I was "indirectly" told that the icing wasnt firm enough, and certain individuals hated soft cookie icing. I know you may be thinking to yourself, as you read that "the nerve!". I did too, honestly. I mean, after all, I didn't have to bring in free holiday treats to share with the team, and regardless of the imperfection, a little gratitute and
Photo by Stephan Seeber